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Handcrafted With Passion

I design and make all my molds and basket parts (bases, rims, wooden staves and rims, handles, and some ivory carvings, purse pins, and knobs) here in my shop to insure the highest quality and control of all aspects of my work.  Much like other fine arts, part of what you are buying is a name.  For over twelve years I've studied the history of Nantucket Lightship Baskets and it has been my only occupation, through working on repairs of old baskets I've gained a a great deal of knowledge on tradition construction techniques and methods.

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Unique Purses,
Endless Possibilities

Most of the purses you see below were custom made for one of my customers.  I do stock a few standard sizes but most people prefer to custom "build " one from the ground up. Baskets come with cherry bases and handles, reed staves and rims and hand turned ivory knobs and peg.  Wooden staves and rims are optional and can be quoted on an individual basis. Any repairs needed due to normal wear and tear are done free of charge for the original owner. Contact me for quote on a specific basket.

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Handbag Collection

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