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Meet the Artist

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Hello, I'm Tim

In 1989, I embarked on my Lightship Basket journey, inspired to create unique holiday gifts. With guidance from a skilled weaver, I delved into the art of Lightship basket weaving and learned to craft molds and supplies. Local shops began purchasing my creations, encouraging me to invest in a lathe and woodworking tools. After a year and a half of full-time weaving, I realized the solitary nature of the craft, leading me to expand into supplying materials and teaching. My baskets blend tradition with my own creative touch, challenging the notion of a "traditional" basket. Lightship Baskets share common elements, such as using molds, cane weaving, odd staves, and nailed-on rims, yet they offer endless variations.

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Beyond Weaving

Beyond weaving, I take pleasure in carving pieces, often using ivory or ebony. I've also revived a vintage design – custom turned wooden tops. Drawing from my background in ceramics, I find delight in crafting unique tops with exotic woods and inlays. But perhaps the most rewarding aspect of my business is sharing knowledge with students. Nantucket's international appeal allows me to connect with a diverse community of art enthusiasts. With a B.F.A. from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, I appreciate the artistry of Nantucket Lightship Baskets. If you plan to visit Nantucket, come to my year-round shop. Let's celebrate this unique art form together.

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