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The Basket Shop

Brown Sands
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Blending  Tradition 
With Creativity

Nantucket Basket

My baskets blend tradition with my own creative touch, challenging the notion of a "traditional" Nantucket basket. Lightship Baskets share common elements, such as using molds, cane weaving, odd staves, and nailed-on rims, yet they offer endless variations.

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 Since 1989 I have worked to not only to be an excellent weaver but a complete craftsman in all aspects of Nantucket Lightship Basket construction and history. For over 20 years I've studied the history of Nantucket Lightship Baskets. Through working on repairs of old baskets, I've gained a a great deal of knowledge on tradition construction techniques and methods.


Custom Baskets

 I design and make all my molds and basket parts here in my shop to insure the highest quality in all aspects of my work.

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Carvings &

Carvings and scrimshaw bring together creativity with craftsmanship, using ivory and ebony.


repairs & Restoration

Professional basket repairs and restoration ensure your treasured pieces are restored to their former glory.

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Nantucket Basket Class
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Take a Class

Find out how fun and easy it is to create your very own Nantucket Lightship Basket. For 20 years I have been teaching both private and group classes on a year round basis.  After working with well over two thousand students I have developed techniques and tools that make the construction process simple and fun. 


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